Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nike 10km Run

today marks the first time i walk in a 10km run :( normally for NB 10 km run, i dun stop and walk at all, i just keep going, even for the 15km run! timing wise, drop to 1:12hrs. which is of cos my slowest ever! haha. cant deny that my body is getting old liao! :(

but overall was a good run, nice to have a morning run at times! and i will try to go for such events yearly so as to keep myself fit and on the ball!
some photos to enjoy below! :)

one week ago, we celebrate my beloved's bdae! :) more pictures coming up soon! stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

birthday girl!

Dear Lord,

I thank you for Grace, for how You created her 23 years ago and made her so beautiful and precious! I thank You for how You have brought her into my life and how she had been a blessings to my life! May You be the sole desire of her heart and soul as she continues to grow and seek after You all the days of her life! I pray that You will continue to grow her to be a woman after You and Your heart, and be a blessings to the people around her. I thank You once again for her in my life!

In Jesus' name,

a prayer for her :)


Friday, October 9, 2009

hello! i am back, after so long of not updating! hmmm, dunno if still got anyone will come! ahah.

I just finish a quiz and almost vomit blood. MP3002-Deformable solids. question is something like durian fruit fall from the tree, predict the motion of the branch! haha.

here some photos to share:
photos of some close friends of mine; not in any order of closeness

(Dennis & I at Duck stall in JB)

(Hansel & I at Ah Chew desert)
(Domonic & I at Secret Recipe)


(a miracle team; won 1st for captain ball competition :p)

(Grace & I at JB)

(Justin & I at yck lunching after paintball)
This past one year have been preety exciting: with lotsa ups and downs! one huge thingy is me falling sick and having to miss most of my exams last sem. this leave me with having to redo one more sem and not being able to grad with all my good friends! :( but i know God has a plan for this and have all things in his hands! thanking HIM
what happened? posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy (APMPPE) happened! curious on what it is? go and see in the link
but thank God for how He brought me out of it and is faithful through it all. :)

signing off.................... hopefully i come back and update soon again! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

exciting weekend :)

had a exciting weekend :)

with friday going TF after work, after TF, we all just hang around and chat till very late :) some good times together.

then sat its 8th Nov, our 6th month anniversary. went to Vivocity with enhui and just walk ard, glad that she like the present, a simple present :) and thanks for the choc. then went to meet Dennis, Derek, Huisi and Adelene for a dinner at HK cafe. haha. and guess what! we took a Neo print after that. so funny, 6 ppl in a box, reviving the sec/jc days. lol.

everything didnt go as planned. lol. didnt decide on a stay over but looking at the plans on sunday, enhui came to stay over. learnt something abt better planning for next time :)

then sunday come, went to church for service, worship was good with "Desert Song" as one of the song. then a interesting msg on married couples, on how wives shld submit to husband and husbands to love their wife. so timely that enhui and i went for the service together, some points that we can take home to learn tog for the future! :) then was rushing off to my grandma's bdae party, and Zhenghui and Renzi's daughter bdae party. its a afternoon of activities! :):) haha.

then its Home sweet home and took a nap, then wake up dinner then send enhui home :)

thats my weekend! :)

this week gotta start on my final report for my IA liao, next week my prof will come and visit me! haha. my IA is going to end soon! thank God!

then its dec! a fully packed and fun dec!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

pictures :)

hello, as promised, these are some pictures coming up :)

First up, are some pictures from enhui birthday :)

thinks she looks super pretty in this

there is something wrong in this pic, guess what? lol


training for my ippt then :)

today is a interesting day, with a great lunch at a chinese restoran cos got auditor today, and had some fun running ard Hitachi cos got some games where sec sch kids came to play, was one of the groups i/c and they won :) then met enhui to had a interesting and good dinner and walking ard her potential workplace :) FUN! and now gg to sleep soon :)
Alone VS Lonely! alone does not equals lonely, and lonely does not mean alone too! think abt it :)
thanking God for EVERYTHING!

Friday, October 31, 2008


its friday again, this week is a short week with mon and tue holiday, but somehow this week feels so long, with many ups and downs. thank God for it all, its a learning journey

attachment will end in abt 5 weeks, really cant wait for the dec holiday where can slack, spend time with enhui, TM camp, leaders' retreat and the 1990s trip etc.

haven been spending much time with the youths, looking forward to some good time with them. and this year they grad from TM, its been six years since i was their cgl when they came in as sec1, they were so cute then. now they are all growing and really maturing in Christ. really thank God for such a priviledge to be involved in their lives. :) all the best to those taking As!

wanna put pic but my com in office is too lag, so another time :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008



i am at a midpoint of my IA, ending my 12th week and 10 more weeks to go..

in case u dun know, i am attached to Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Harddisk company). its at Kaki Bukit.. pretty near my place. if i wanna reach work by 8, i just need to leave home at 740.. :) i am attached to the safety department, can maybe call me assistant safety engineer... for me, i choose this, cos its very near my house.

but it seems like i am always related to safety.

NS- Diver medic who is a certified SCDF fire fighter too, did CPR on a Col who died (i know what u thinking, its not my fault, at least thats what i think), saved a friend who drown in diving pool from 6m depth, attended to a heat stroke patient (this one survived :p)

personally, i get involved in many accidents, thank God i am still alive and kicking (not the bucket though)

and now, i am a instant medic at church events.. luckily nothing much happen so far yet.

and now, i am in safety.. lol.. really considering going into somewhere along this line. have to pray and see how God leads me :)

the bball court have some progress :) cant wait to own the court!! lol.

19 more days to a super super super impt day :)

my worship songs for tml :) got it where walking to bus stop at tampines, God speaks