Friday, October 9, 2009

hello! i am back, after so long of not updating! hmmm, dunno if still got anyone will come! ahah.

I just finish a quiz and almost vomit blood. MP3002-Deformable solids. question is something like durian fruit fall from the tree, predict the motion of the branch! haha.

here some photos to share:
photos of some close friends of mine; not in any order of closeness

(Dennis & I at Duck stall in JB)

(Hansel & I at Ah Chew desert)
(Domonic & I at Secret Recipe)


(a miracle team; won 1st for captain ball competition :p)

(Grace & I at JB)

(Justin & I at yck lunching after paintball)
This past one year have been preety exciting: with lotsa ups and downs! one huge thingy is me falling sick and having to miss most of my exams last sem. this leave me with having to redo one more sem and not being able to grad with all my good friends! :( but i know God has a plan for this and have all things in his hands! thanking HIM
what happened? posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy (APMPPE) happened! curious on what it is? go and see in the link
but thank God for how He brought me out of it and is faithful through it all. :)

signing off.................... hopefully i come back and update soon again! :)