Monday, November 10, 2008

exciting weekend :)

had a exciting weekend :)

with friday going TF after work, after TF, we all just hang around and chat till very late :) some good times together.

then sat its 8th Nov, our 6th month anniversary. went to Vivocity with enhui and just walk ard, glad that she like the present, a simple present :) and thanks for the choc. then went to meet Dennis, Derek, Huisi and Adelene for a dinner at HK cafe. haha. and guess what! we took a Neo print after that. so funny, 6 ppl in a box, reviving the sec/jc days. lol.

everything didnt go as planned. lol. didnt decide on a stay over but looking at the plans on sunday, enhui came to stay over. learnt something abt better planning for next time :)

then sunday come, went to church for service, worship was good with "Desert Song" as one of the song. then a interesting msg on married couples, on how wives shld submit to husband and husbands to love their wife. so timely that enhui and i went for the service together, some points that we can take home to learn tog for the future! :) then was rushing off to my grandma's bdae party, and Zhenghui and Renzi's daughter bdae party. its a afternoon of activities! :):) haha.

then its Home sweet home and took a nap, then wake up dinner then send enhui home :)

thats my weekend! :)

this week gotta start on my final report for my IA liao, next week my prof will come and visit me! haha. my IA is going to end soon! thank God!

then its dec! a fully packed and fun dec!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

pictures :)

hello, as promised, these are some pictures coming up :)

First up, are some pictures from enhui birthday :)

thinks she looks super pretty in this

there is something wrong in this pic, guess what? lol


training for my ippt then :)

today is a interesting day, with a great lunch at a chinese restoran cos got auditor today, and had some fun running ard Hitachi cos got some games where sec sch kids came to play, was one of the groups i/c and they won :) then met enhui to had a interesting and good dinner and walking ard her potential workplace :) FUN! and now gg to sleep soon :)
Alone VS Lonely! alone does not equals lonely, and lonely does not mean alone too! think abt it :)
thanking God for EVERYTHING!