Thursday, September 25, 2008



i am at a midpoint of my IA, ending my 12th week and 10 more weeks to go..

in case u dun know, i am attached to Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Harddisk company). its at Kaki Bukit.. pretty near my place. if i wanna reach work by 8, i just need to leave home at 740.. :) i am attached to the safety department, can maybe call me assistant safety engineer... for me, i choose this, cos its very near my house.

but it seems like i am always related to safety.

NS- Diver medic who is a certified SCDF fire fighter too, did CPR on a Col who died (i know what u thinking, its not my fault, at least thats what i think), saved a friend who drown in diving pool from 6m depth, attended to a heat stroke patient (this one survived :p)

personally, i get involved in many accidents, thank God i am still alive and kicking (not the bucket though)

and now, i am a instant medic at church events.. luckily nothing much happen so far yet.

and now, i am in safety.. lol.. really considering going into somewhere along this line. have to pray and see how God leads me :)

the bball court have some progress :) cant wait to own the court!! lol.

19 more days to a super super super impt day :)

my worship songs for tml :) got it where walking to bus stop at tampines, God speaks