Saturday, August 16, 2008


hello one and all...

Welcome to jiayang's life.. have this blog so some of u can know the happenings of my life now and be updated! and hope some of my entries would be a blessing to u :) still learning this blog, so forgive if not that nice! lol

credits goes to girlfriend for teaching me and helping me to set up this blog! loveya!
had headache this morning so took MC and didnt go work, then late afternoon went to girlfriend's place to slack and hangout, then CG, started S.H.A.P.E course today, pray that God would teach me more abt my shape and so i could effectively serve him.
the way i see is that its like a jigsaw puzzle where every single piece is unique, so if we are not in the right slot, we take up another's piece slot. and the puzzle cant be completed.