Tuesday, August 26, 2008

advancing to the basics

yesterday was talking and sharing with a few friends, and sharing on how we all going on in our spiritual lives. Interesting stuffs came out of it.

i like this one phrase being said "Advancing to the basics". Many times, I as a slightly older christian do so many so many things, and neglect the basic like praying and time with Him.

sometimes, even corporate worship or service in church can be a cover up for my lack in my discipline in my basic. for eg, i could like raise my hands and sing and look like i am really worshipping, and thus ppl using naked eyes might see and think that i am spiritual. and even service, and i keep doing and doing, that i might look spiritual mature.

i must admit, i fall into this trap at times.

i was sharing on how tiring sometimes things can be, where i am still learning to strike a balance between family, relationship and service and myself. and he commented that maybe i am just far from God, thats why i feel tired! what he say immediately strike me, i think its so true! as of now, i am really not as close to God as i used to be. Not that God is far from me, but me feeling far from Him. It is said is His word:
"Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." Heb 13:5 (NIV)

so now, i shall advance to the basics :)

oh, want something interesting to read? go read my girlfriend's blog! got a very long and interesting speech! link at enhui!

sorry, cant upload photos, now in office. will do the photos uploading at home! oh, there going to be two new bball courts being built up opposite my house! COOL! finally, after so many years then the CC built bball court! thank God! hee.. will be a good chance to go there and play and make some friends and find oppurtunity to share Christ with them! hopefully the rainy season stops when the court is up! then it will be ........


oh, in abt 9 hours 40 mins, i will meet enhui, and we will go airport to eat and just sit around somewhere to slack :) looking forward to quality time spend with her, after two days of not meeting :) missing ya!

okay, thats all for now, back to work! :)