Thursday, August 21, 2008

back again! :)

went to watch 'money no enough 2' with enhui yest. didnt feel it was as funny, but still touching, got two moments in the show where i teared. family issues always touches my heart. but compared to 'I not stupid', i feel that it is not as touching, enhui mentioned that maybe cos it relates to us more in 'I not stupid 1/2', and i agree. i remebered i cried till super sad in 'I not stupid 1/2'. my conclusion, i like watching family related shows. of cos still got others :):)

is trying my best enough? in so many areas, i tried my best, but i still fail at times. think only God see our best, the world dont see your effort, just results and obvious signs. Uni see your GPAs, basketball see how well you played, Interview see your grades, achivement and interview, etc... ....

Dear God, i thank You for being such an awesome God, who wants us to do only our very best in everything, and not seeing the results. I live to honor and please You, and I praise you! Amen

Thank God its thur liao, soon its weekend again. a exciting and full packed weekend ahead :)

back to work :)