Friday, October 31, 2008


its friday again, this week is a short week with mon and tue holiday, but somehow this week feels so long, with many ups and downs. thank God for it all, its a learning journey

attachment will end in abt 5 weeks, really cant wait for the dec holiday where can slack, spend time with enhui, TM camp, leaders' retreat and the 1990s trip etc.

haven been spending much time with the youths, looking forward to some good time with them. and this year they grad from TM, its been six years since i was their cgl when they came in as sec1, they were so cute then. now they are all growing and really maturing in Christ. really thank God for such a priviledge to be involved in their lives. :) all the best to those taking As!

wanna put pic but my com in office is too lag, so another time :)